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Speakers & Artists

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Shaykh ul Islam Dr Muhammad Tahir ul Qadri

The keynote speaker and guest for this years Al-Hidayah is founder of Minhaj-ul-Quran, Shaykh ul Islam Dr Muhammad Tahir ul Qadri. A prolific author, speaker, renowned global islamic authority Shaykh ul Islam has delivered hundreds of lectures. We are incredibly fortunate to be able to gain pearls of wisdom from the eminent Shaykh. 

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Sidi Peter Sanders - To be confirmed
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Peter Sanders is an award-winning British photographer and author with over 45 years of experience.

He has travelled the globe documenting the people, art, architecture, and geography of the Islamic world and is regarded by the Muslim 500 as one of the most prominent and influential Muslims of the age. His acclaimed photographic works, exhibitions, and workshops have earnt him international awards and a global audience.

His visual odyssey has culminated in his landmark book: ‘Meetings with Mountains’. It is a compilation of nearly half a century’s work where he has captured rare and beautiful images of the saints of Islam. These men and women are the role models of purity, knowledge, and illumination – it is a photographic legacy of some of the most extraordinary people alive.

Al-Hidayah is honoured to host Peter Sanders and we look forward to benefitting from his company.

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Sidi Michael Sugich - To be confirmed

Michael Sugich is a successful author and has been a professional communications advisor for forty years. 


His recent publication ‘Hearts Turn’ focusses on the act of ‘tawba’, a Qur’anic term commonly translated as repentance. In Arabic, the term 'tawba' is dynamic, meaning to ‘turn’ or ‘return’. The book is a compilation of gripping stories that are full of hope, showing how men and women from all walks of life have turned and taken a new path towards a higher reality.


From the author's introduction: 

"This book is a declaration of mercy and certainty... It is also about the sudden transitions from confusion to clarity, from sin to virtue, from sleep to wakefulness, from ignorance to knowledge, from foolishness to wisdom. And finally, it is about the path of our lives, which leads us gradually, and for those who God favours, inexorably to salvation."

Al-Hidayah 2023 endeavours to bring further speakers and artists and will update this page as we confirm further attendances. Keep an eye out for updates on our social media pages. 

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