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Sponsorship & Media Enquiries


It is no surprise that businesses, community organisations and charities find it useful to work with Al-Hidayah. As an organisation which attracts a wide ranging demographic the conference is unique brand exposure opportunity particularly for the  "halal-economy". 

Return on investment is crucial for businesses -  our previous partners saw a 13% increase in sales in the three-week period following our 2019 conference. We have a range of sponsorship opportunities available, the Al-Hidayah team are always looking for new partners to work with. If you would like to partner with Al-Hidayah for our conference please do not hesitate to contact us at

Media Enquiries

Al-Hidayah has previously garnered national media attention for its various events and campaigns. If you would like to speak with a representative from Al-Hidayah for an interview or any other engagement, please contact us at:

Thank you

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